Domain mapping, how to point 2 same blog?

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    How can I add a domain I already own to my current domain?
    Real life… I own domain of . It was previously forward to WordPress. I choose not to renew. Fast forward to new blog and domain of . That is my primary blog.
    Today I am attempting to point the domain to the WordPress account.
    My goal is to have the two domains act as one. (ie. either address will arrive at the same blog)
    I pointed the dns to ns1.wordpress, ns2.wordpress, ns3.wordpress a short while ago.
    Checked the status only to find the domain is directed at the another WordPress account that is also mine.
    Thus, what or how can I make this work? I would like one account with two domain names. Eventually I will return to one domain name.

    in the past I have asked questions…again, I do not claim to be knowledgeable about anything….I like to learn and not be bashed for asking how. Please? Be kind to me ;)

    The blog I need help with is



    Do this twice while logged into the correct base blog you want to map the two domains to

    You can only have one Primary Domain – choose the one for the domain name you want to keep and not for the one you will phase out in the future.

    Yes you will need to pay for two domain mapping



    Not having any luck. The has expired yet still appears. I am very confused….. Should I use the site redirect feature to send domain to Ultimately the hippybabe domain will be primary.
    Am I making sense? Thanks for the reply!



    Sorry about that, the domain was still stuck in our system. Please try again.



    Thank you! All set. ;)



    You’re welcome!

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