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    I’ve just purchased domain mappingby entering as the domain to map to my new WordPress site and it’s working fine for but not

    Do these take different amounts of time to update or is it not possible to domain map including www in the address?

    A little confused so help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    OK! Here at we automatically strip the www from URLs to prevent duplication when your site is indexed by search engines.

    So, all visitors to will be automatically redirected to .

    It’s working fine, please don’t worry – when you first map a domain the DNS can take up to 72 hours to propagate fully, so you might not see it straight away.


    Can I ask a related question? I am looking into buying a domian ending in and wondered how easy it was to link it to my .com domian?
    – purchased from you guys a few months back?




    Thank you, that’s really reassuring.

    And thank you also for such a prompt and well-explained reply.




    @snookerbacker – I’m really sorry if I have misunderstood – but, you can map as many domains as you wish to your blog. Only one of them will be the “primary” though, so others will redirect to that. Does that help?

    @pictormurus – Happy blogging!


    Yes I think so hanni thanks. I just thought I read somewhere that domains can prove a bit problematic to map. If I purchase it and post again would you help me through the process? It won’t be for a week or two.


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