domain mapping is not doing its job

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    I am worried! I bought the “domain mapping” offer from and now after changing the name server as well as custom dns, my domain does not map. Nothing shows, neither my nor my This is ridiculous. I am pissed and I even gave an email to wordpresss support for which I got no response.

    my blog:
    my website (I mapped my blog to it):

    Why am I not getting support or solution which this purchase promised me. I need a response!

    The blog I need help with is



    Rude demands are bad Karma loads fine for me – domain helper shows you have everything set correctly

    The fine print you skipped is the part about taking 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet – due to caching issues you will be the last one to see the changes – try clearing your caches & flushing your router – changes usually start after a few hours –

    Patience Grasshopper

    PS – you got an answer here in about 10 minutes – most people would think that is good service



    I am not being rude auxclass, I am just simply worried. I don’t mean to offend anyone though.

    We have a growing number of followers and they read our blog. We are activists and we post news of current events. I hope you understand.

    Can you tell me how I should be able to clear caches and flush router? Do I do this in my control panel of my website?

    Please guide. Thank you for your early response.



    This should help with your browser:

    Sometimes just forcing a page reload will also work

    Sorry can’t be much help with the router –

    The big thing is that it takes time and until all the routers on the internet are updated and your IDP has cleared it’s cache you will see erratic results – part of the erratic is that you never use the same route from your PC to your web site – it is the load balancing part of the internet that give you the erratic action

    This is truly a time for patience since there is nothing else that you can do – every time I have moved a site and name servers it was very tough to wait –

    to the best that I can see everything is set correctly and changes are marching around the world



    I recently reset my DNS from a private, paid website (TherapySites) to WordPress. I’ve checked and it appears that the DNS are all pointing to WordPress, but is there anything else I need to change for the site to show up via WordPress? I know it can take 24-48 hours, but I just want to make sure I’m covering all bases.

    The site is



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