Domain mapping issue – Google search description is garbage

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    This is not strictly a WordPress problem but I’m not sure where else to find the answer. I’m working on a site at and have used domain mapping to point it to (The domain is registered with Network Solutions.)

    The mapping is working fine. But when you do a Google search for “Indie Press Day”, the search result in Google has garbage under it. (Search for it with quotes and you get “Online College Courses · Free Credit Report · Health Insurance · Best Mortgage Rates · Top Smart Phones · Top 10 Luxury Cars · Cheap Air Tickets · Migraine …”, search for it without quotes and you get “ is COMING SOON to REGISTER.COM · Whois Lookup. Hot Favorites. Online College Courses · Free Credit Report …”)

    It’s been more than a week and this has not changed to reflect the text on my homepage. If you do a Google search for 2013event.wordpress (which no one would ever do, but just for the sake of comparison) the description does display the content on my landing page.

    Anyone know what I could do to fix this? Since Google seems to be pulling the description from Network Solutions and not my site, I’m not sure if anything I do on the site is going to make a difference? But all I’ve done so far at Network Solutions is point the dns entries to WordPress, it’s not like I have a site with them that I can edit.


    The blog I need help with is

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