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    I recently purchsed the Domain Mapping update and updated my settings on the 1&1 registrar site to reflect the new DNS servers and that portion worked out properly. I went back to ‘seal the deal’ and made my 1&1 domain the ‘primary’ one. After this, both my domain and my 1&1 domain point to a temporary ‘holding page’ that 1&1 displays if there is no site it can point to.

    Is it merely a matter of time until the changes I’ve made take affect, or I must take a few more steps at this point? For example, there is a ‘Destination’ settings tab in 1&1 that allows you to either forward the domain or have it point to some directory. The current directory is pointed at “/.” It won’t let me create a new one or change it. I suppose that is the “root directory.” May I just leave it on that? Or must I create a new one that says ‘’ or something?

    Since the documentation about domain mapping did not cover ANY of this, I’m guessing it’s ok to leave it at that “/.” destination (a.k.a. “web space”) and just wait for it to ‘propagate.’ Someone please help. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    The primary issue of the holding page being there has been resolved.
    It just took some time to ‘propagate’ I suppose.

    However, there is an issue that remains:
    when someone types in the ‘www.’ before the domain, it doesn’t work quite right. it will still take the user to my wordpress site, but the header says “web hosting, domain services by 1&1” and the front page (designated ‘home’) does not load, instead saying “not found”
    is there a way to somehow re-route the www. site to the one without that subdomain? i dont need it or want it. i just want to eliminate confusion.


    www should automatically redirect to the non-www domain, and if you are talking about this domain, , it redirects just fine for me. Again, it may be a propagation issue.

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and try again.

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