Domain mapping, Name servers and MX records – How to?

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    I have this requirement which I would like to implement. If the question is not suitable, pardon me.

    currently I have my blog hosted on and I purchased a domain name upgrade. Later I added google email support via the “domain management” section on wordpress dashboard.

    Now I would like to move my blog to a shared hosting. I am able to log into the domain management console from automattic. Here the only option that I see is “Name server” changes.

    I understand that if the server changes the name servers should be edited in the console and the DNS propogation can take some time.

    My question is, since I do not change my domain name and since I do not see the MX records or other details like CNAME and ANAME on automattic domain management console, how do I make sure that google mail still works?

    DO I have to modify the MX records in any way? I remember copying and pasting google’s authentication code into wordpress dashboard. Would this change?

    I am a newbie with regard to domain mapping and stuff, so your help is appreciated.

    many thanks in advance.



    If you have cpanel as the place to manage your domain, then there is an Email section in there.
    MX records is one option in that section.
    Google email gives you the setting to place there.

    So you point the DNS at your new domain from here – that’s the ‘custom nameservers’
    At the new cpanel you edit the MX records as Google say.

    The email record will switch with the dns change and all should be well.

    This is no different to moving registrars or even switching to gmail. I have not heard of any problems of lost email doing this though but there will be a small chance – a post to your new blog will set that straight probably (“If you sent me.. and had no reply…”)



    If you don’t have cpanel then the option will still be there, I just don’t know where.



    Hey Mark

    Am I right to say that the domain name management from Automattic is related to wordpress in a way? I tell this because the whole process is streamlined including automated MX Records integration.

    So, clearly somewhere records exists to properly redirect my (email redacted) mails to google and all website requests of the form “” and “” to

    I log onto my account management at securepay and I only see the ability to modify name servers.

    From their help I read the following:

    To Update Your Mail (MX) Records Using the NEW Domain Control Center

    Log in to your Account Manager.
    In the My products section, select Manage Domains. The Domain Control Center opens.
    In your list of domain names, click on the domain name that you want to
    The Details for the selected domain display.
    Under the Total DNS Control section, click Total DNS Control and MX Records.
    In the MX (Mail Exchangers) section, click the Pencil icon next to the MX Priority you
    want to change or click Add New MX Record to add a new MX record to your zone file.
    Once you have made your changes, click OK.

    This is what I see:

    Status: Active (Refresh Page)
    Locked: Locked (Change)
    Registered: 9/21/2007
    Expires On: 9/21/2008
    Auto Renews: On
    Registration Type: Public
    Authorization Code: Send by Email
    Name Servers: (Last Update 9/21/2007)

    strongTotal DNS: (Not hosted here)strong



    If you are moving to shared hosting then transferring the domain name would seem to be the thing to do here. Once the domain is 60 days old you can do that.



    @ viveksivaram
    under domain details click nameservers and then make sure you are using the godaddy default (either parking or hosting and not custom dns) that was my problem.



    @ mark and aosmith

    many thanks for your replies. Unfortunately since I am a newbie, I still have not figures this thing out. I do not use Godaddy. I will mostly use some other provider.

    I just got off the phone with Automattic domain registration folks and they dont have a clue how to change the MX records either.

    Have any of you guys first done a domain booking via wordpress and then gained complete control over your domain?

    I mean you should have the rights to edit , nameservers, dns records, aname, cname and mx records too.

    For me , 60 days have elapsed since I first booked the domain, yet I dont see any significant difference in the options in control panel.

    This is what I think I should do:

    Just change the nameservers to be what my shared hosting guy provides.
    Leave the MX records as is. I have no other option here :(

    Or, as Mark suggests, transfer the domain, which would bring new questions for me:

    – Would there be any downtime for the blog while the transfer is being processed?
    – Will the transfer initiate exact same settings ( i.e. just the change of registrar)

    If the answers are no and yes, then I think I can initiate a transfer and then once my new registrar has the control on the domain, I could modify all the records that I want to.

    Please help !!

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