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Domain mapping, not hosting

  1. I have my own domain hosted elsewhere and use domain mapping here at I got a notice in my dashboard a few days ago about it being time to renew my domain mapping, which I promptly did. My upgrades now show that my domain mapping expires 1/5/09. Tonight, I happened to notice that my url in the address bar was no longer my mapped domain but the old url. Checking in my dashboard, I saw that it had listed that my domain expired 1/6/08. Now remember - my domain is hosted elsewhere. As the result, even though I have paid for domain mapping, wp thinks my domain is expired and reverted back to the old url.

    I don't have a clue as to why this happened because shouldn't even be trying to track the domain itself when it is not hosted here. I have sent an email to support asking for a correction but I wanted to post this here just in case somebody else runs into the same problem.

  2. Of course, now I see the post that support will be closed this week.

  3. When I visit your blog it goes to, which looks correct. Right?

    However the expiration time appears to be showing up incorrectly in your dashboard, which is a bug. I'll see about getting that fixed.

  4. Yes, I can confirm it goes to

  5. This has been fixed.

  6. Actually, Matt, this created another problem. When I hit "view blog" from my dashboard, I am directed to but I am logged out and cannot edit from the from page. What was happening last night was when I went from my dashboard to "view blog" I was directed to and stayed logged in.

  7. I'm bumping this because I'm really frustrated trying to access my blog.

  8. OK, I just tried changing the domain thing from one to the other and it finally stuck. So I guess it's been fixed.

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