Domain mapping not taking effect

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    I mapped my domain last night but it still showed the under construction page. I read that it can take a while to map so I waited until this morning and sure enough, it showed up correctly. But now it’s back to the under construction page. Even when I use it directs to with the under construction page.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog is redirecting for me in Canada. This process takes 24 – 72 hours to propagate throughput the internet. You can check the progress here > We have no control over how long it takes for various locations to flush their DNS caches.


    Ok, glad it is working somewhere. I don’t understand why it would work for me and then stop working here?



    If you do a forum search you will find threads where Staff and volunteers explain that there are many ISPs all over the world where DNS caches have to be flushed before the domain name change propagates throughout the internet. Many ISPs use invisible proxy servers (you typically never know they are there) and if they have some caching or updating issues on the invisible proxy servers takes time. Sometimes we see fluctuations back and forth.


    Ok thank you for explaining that. I don’t understand much of this. I appreciate your help. I just didn’t want to wait the 72 hours to find out it was done incorrectly.



    Understood. :)

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