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Domain mapping not working!

  1. I have just read all your threads on domain mapping and then went and purchased a new domain name(though you)for my blog to be accessible using as well as The only problem is that I have been waiting for almost 2 hours now and not only can I not access my blog using the new URL, but I also cannot access my blog using the old URL either. Please could you explain what could be wrong.

    My second query is that when I registered the domain with you there is some admin area for domains that it says i should go to but the customer number I should have on this page to use to log into this section is not there.

    My old URL is
    My new URL is

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. I'm showing that is not a registered domain. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and inquire about the issue.

    When I did mine, they went right through.

  3. drmike thanks for the quick response.
    I have sent an email to Mark in your Customer Service department and sent a Feedback form as well, but have heard nothing. In the mean time I have been unable to access my blog on either URL for the last 4 and a 1/2 hours. Is there anything that I could of done or should of done when I registered the new URL?

    All I did was to go and pay then I was taken to the Domains page where i could see the new URL as well as the old one, no Customer number (so I could not get into my domain admin area, does this have anything to do with the setup?), and I made the new URL the main one by clicking the link next to the new URL. Is there anything I'm missing?


  4. Hit this: (There's no redirecting on hte backend)

    and go to the Upgrades -> Domain page and click on that "Put Blog here" link. This way your domain is the default for the time being. Whn you're done, it should have "Your blog URL" beside the domain and "Redirecting..." next to your domain.

    There's another thread here on this subject. Something may be up from last night.

  5. drmike. I believe that's what I did about 2 hours ago. When I paid for the URL I was taken to the Domains page and this is the way around things were but it was not working, so I pressed the 'Your blog URL' link next to the new URL and this did not work, so I put it back the way you said I should about 2 hours ago. It does not re-direct, still has as the URL when I go into it and the does not exist when I put it into my browser and when I click on it in the Domains page. I can only assume that it has not been connected to my blog for some reason. See below what I have in the Domains page currently. - Your blog URL - Redirecting to (Put blog here)


  6. I can see your site.

    I'm sending in a feedback as to teh domain issue.

  7. Barry emailed me back and said he was looking into the issue.

  8. Thanks dm

  9. i took a look a minute ago and saw this.
    Notice that there is the string "<!--" - ie, the first part of commenting-out code showing. that is always a bad sign:
    ........we are unable to process new domain registrations at this time. You may register the domain elsewhere (e.g. and then return to this page to complete the mapping, or just try again when registration is active. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    The domain is available to be registered and added to your blog. You can use it as your blog address for 15 credits a year. You have 0 credits available.

    You must buy 15 credits to finish this purchase. Please click the Buy 15 Credits ยป button to pay through Paypal. You will be brought back here afterwards.

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