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Domain Mapping Not Working

  1. Hello,
    I registered a domain with a hosting service, but I have no hosting space of my own.
    So I decided to map that domain to my WP blog. I purchased domain mapping for 10 credits and the domain shows up on my domains list as redirecting to my WP blog. The DNS addresses are all correct and I don´t know what to do, because when I try to go to it just doesn´t find any page.

  2. Did you do the "put blog here" step?

  3. When I did it it had the same problem and right now it should be redirecting people to the blog, that is what is said at the dash board

  4. No one knows?

  5. It is working for me with the main URL as with your as the main underlying blog that the domain name is on top of. Isn't this the way you want it right now? The domain name and not the username as the end result? That is 99% of what people want. Getting the end user result of would require you to go to your Admin => Upgrads => Domains and checking the box beside "" to "put blog here". I think though, the way it shows to end users with your domain name is the way you want it though.


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