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    Hi, I created a blog <> and then purchased <>. I read all the instructions and had help from Go Daddy. I changed the DNS and paid the fee to use the .com I purchased. I followed all the instructions and it’s been 4 days but still nothing on the .com. The Go Daddy people say my .com now points to wordpress but still nothing! <>… and yes I can’t fix my email and have no idea why.
    Go Daddy says everything is correct on their end and I emailed WP support w/no reply. Can anyone help me? SM

    The blog I need help with is



    There is something wrong with your blog. Have you contacted support about that?
    If not then do contact them
    Possible errors may be your spellings while registering the domain.
    Have you purchased .com or something else like .org, .net.


    the blog was up since 2011 w/no issues. I did contact support but never received an answer. I own and .org – the .org is forwarded to the .com. The Go Daddy people said that the forward from the .org wouldn’t stop <> from showing up as



    Sorry but I’m neither able to see your domain nor your blog nor from search engines. So there is something really wrong with it beside delay. I’m going to tag this thread for the staff attention. Hope they will sort it for you soon.


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