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Domain Mapping not working correctly

  1. royalfirespirit

    Hi, I've purchased domain mapping so that my blog can be reached at http://www.<MyDomain>.com instead of <MyDomain> I had already registered the domain separately, and following the instructions at, I've set the domain name servers to point to etc, and have waited a couple of days for the change to propagate.

    However the domain is not working correctly. If I now navigate to http://www.<MyDomain>.com, what happens is that the browser visibly redirects to <MyDomain> - which is not what I wanted. Is there something else I need to do to have http://www.<MyDomain>.com reach my blog without a browser redirection?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unless you give us the acutal URLs involved, we cannot help you.

  3. royalfirespirit

    Thanks. It's which is redirecting to

    (Note if you go there, you'll find the blog is marked private - that's because I'm still testing it. That shouldn't impact DNS resolution though).

  4. Ah. On the Domain Management page of that blog, you have set as primary. Set as primary instead. Note there is no www.

  5. royalfirespirit

    Brilliant, that's worked. Thanks.

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