Domain mapping not working properly

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    I purchased domain mapping on WordPress. I’ve changed the name servers where the domain is hosted, and I’ve made the appropriate domain changes/selections on my WordPress admin. However, the theme I chose and post I made with WordPress are not showing at the domain address. Instead, a navy blue colored blog with a strange format and links is showing at my domain.

    I don’t know why this strange blog keeps showing at my domain, and not the WordPress blog I created via the WordPress admin.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member – loads for me – it can take 24 for 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet – changes usually start after a few hours but until changes propagate around the internet operation can be erratic

    Primary Blog is Set is set as the primary domain for and will appear in the address bar when you visit the site.


    “ – loads for me”

    May I ask, what blog do you see?

    Is it a navy blue blog with these links?:

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    payday advance
    0 apr credit card
    auto insurance rate
    forex trading
    payday loan online
    bill payment
    small loans
    online newspaper
    email marketing

    If so, that is not the blog I designed using the WordPress admin.

    Thank you for your help.



    Your mapping looks set up correctly – this is what I’m seeing on your domain:

    You might want to try clearing your browser’s cache – let me know if that does the trick.


    Thank you Kathryn

    It’s working fine now.

    I understand it can take 24 hours or so for everything to propagate.

    The confusing part was that I had no idea where the website I could see at my domain came from. I’ve owned the domain for a long time, and the website that was showing at my domain wasn’t like any of the websites I’ve had before. The “mystery” website made things more confusing.

    Thank you again.




    Hi Adam – I’m glad it’s working now, thanks for letting me know!

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