domain mapping paid for but new domain is not working

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    Hi, today I tried to upgrade to use domain mapping. I paid through paypal, and I saw my balance go up to 10 credits, then I selected to purchase the domain mapping, and now my balance is back to 0.00 and my domain is not in the list. The transaction appears to be complete through paypal. I would like to either get domain mapping activated as I requested, or receive my credits back. Thanks in advance for your help. trying to map to

    The blog I need help with is


    Did you go through these steps?


    Forgot the link… need more coffee.



    You need to activate the domain mapping by setting as the primary domain, see Settings > Domains in your dashboard




    I had a similar problem.

    I bought a new domain via Settings > Domains in my dashboard. I paid for it (and received a PayPal receipt).

    It seems to have registered successfully:

    But the new domain doesn’t show up Settings > Domains in my dashboard.

    Any advice much appreciated.



    p.s. I’m trying to map to



    thesacredpath, I did follow these steps.

    husdal, The problem is that is not showing up in the list under Settings > Domains in the dashboard





    I am having the same problem.

    I have done this before and never had an issue.




    I am dealing with the same thing as well.

    I purchased the domain, set the nameserver correctly, check whois, checked the purchase with paypal.

    Still not working….


    Since the volunteers here in the forums don’t have access to the backend, we can’t see what is going on. I’ve put a modlook tag on this thread so that staff will see it and can look into it for you.



    thank you. If it is not resolved by Monday (I think this is when support is coming back?) then I will contact customer support. Thanks for your help



    thanks, thesacredpath!



    We are looking into some problems with the domain mapping upgrade.


    OK, for those that are not seeing their domain name in the list, how long ago did you change the nameservers over at your registrar? When you make a nameserver change, it can take 24 hours or so for the new information to make its way through the internet name server system. I am not positive this is the issue, but it could be.



    @akuentzler, we’ve added 9.97 credits to your account. Can you try the domain mapping again now?

    @moukhfi, we’ve added the domain mapping to match with the registration.

    @kbone4real, we’ve added 9.97 credits to your account as well.

    We are still looking into the cause.



    We’ve found the cause and deployed a fix. Looking back through transactions during the time when the problem existed.



    This appears to have worked. Thank you for your help!



    I’m having trouble with the domain mapping upgrade. I made the $9.97 Paypal transaction yesterday, but it apparently did not go through, so I called Paypal and completed the transaction manually this morning. I made all the necessary changes DNS changes with the domain registrar yesterday. I provided may client with assurance that the domain would be mapped yesterday. Making the change is quite urgent for the client. I have sent urgent messages to WordPress tech support and left urgent voice mail too this morning and a number for WordPress that PayPal supplied, but no response back yet. Is there any way to get help from WordPress on the back end? Any way to reach a human being to fix technical glitches in read time?


    @billtraher, the support contact form is the best way to reach us. I see that you have contacted us there and we are working to fix your account.



    Indeed designsimply, I received email updates into the wee hours, and your team kept at it until the bug was fixed. I’m mightily impressed and thankful for your responsiveness, as is my client! is AWESOME, love it top to bottom, and inside out. It has greatly empowered content developers like myself who are technology numbskulls, and providing so much power and ease-of-use, essentially for free.

    Yes, I would have liked it if your website explained very clearly and prominently that you don’t offer telephone support under any circumstances, even in “emergencies.” And it will be great when you’re able to offer credit card transactions online for upgrades. No need to apologize, I can imagine your $$$ constraints, but why not be more upfront and clear for the sake of usability?

    With gratitude and admiration,

    stevie (guitar) t.



    Here are two alternatives to custom-domain mapping. They are easier and may be free also i.e. if our interest is only to forward the visitor entering our custom-domain in the browser to our blog at wordpress. First Alternative: You may pl. try entering in your browser and it will forward you to Second Alternative: Instead of, you can continue to see your customdomain in the browser. These two alternatives are available with your domain registrar. Till yesterday I was using second alternative but I do not know why it stopped functioning; though the settings with my domain registrar remained the same. Support staff at wordpress may know better; and would like to be informed.-R.N.Aggarwal

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