domain mapping – portuguese registrar expecting something from one another

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    I’m trying to Map a domain I own to my new blog ( but having a little trouble.

    The Portuguese Registrar will only correctly configure the nameservers IP address that I gave them ( after having confirmation from your servers that you’re configured to accept my domain “”( and get a needed secondary ip address, as they tell me ).

    Otherwise they keep saying that errors occurred, and stop trying except for a period of time between “06.00h and 07.00h GMT” daily when they make another pass.

    When I try to insert my domain in your configuration webpage it says that “it is not possible to verify that “” is directed to And doesn’t recognize DNS lookup as you suggested, I think beacuse the registrar won’t configure it correctly until has confirmation from your servers.

    My guess is that on each computers are expecting something for the other one to do. Can you help me with this?

    I also can’t find the way to buy the credits needed for wordpress to make the domain mapping, but I expect that it’s explained after the initial configuration has passed.

    Thank you.

    PS: sorry if I cross-posted this question



    The FAQ lists the IP addresses for reference.

    Best bet would be submit this via feedback and ask staff if they have a work around. Eurodns does the same thing and it’s a royal pain in the *cough* trying to get nameservers set up because of their system.

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