Domain mapping problem.

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    About 5 months or so ago I bought the Domain Mapping for my blog, done what was needed over on my domain nameservers etc and all was fine it worked – great.

    Anyway, my blog got neglected after a while so I decided to point my domain elsewhere (my Flickr page). So I changed nameservers back to originals and put my blog back to the original wordpress domain name.

    Ok, so now my blog has seen a bit of a revival I really want my blog to have my domain name which I had on it 5 months ago. So I changed the nameservers to the WordPress ones (Last Saturday – a week ago). On the wordpress dashboard I went to put my domain as the primary one and nothing. Just points me to the Domain place when i purchased :( I’ve checked seveeral times over the week and still nothing.

    Because I changed it do i have to re-purchase or should i be able to keep flicking between domains until the mapping needs renewed?

    Any help appreciated. – currently set as primary

    The blog I need help with is



    I was wondering if you got an answer?
    I also bought the Domain Mapping for my blog, done what was needed on my domain nameservers etc, over 48 hours ago and it still is not working! I’ve had a website for 5 years and have moved it to new hosts about 4 times and even though they say – 24-72 hrs, it’s always propagated within 24.
    So I contact wp support, they just say they can see [the site I had and then mapped to wp blog. SURE! I can see it too! But it the generic page thats full of ads- NOT where I mapped it to. I did contact support again but have gotten no response.
    So I wondered if your problem has been resolved, and HOW did you fix it??
    txs, MountainHigh



    @nestreet and mountainhigh
    Note that Volunteers answering questions on this forum do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical “fixes”, only Staff can do that. All we volunteers can do is point to support documentation entries, share our own knowledge based on experience, and provide the contact link for reaching Staff.

    nestreet >
    mountainhigh> You have already been in contact with Staff. I think it’s logical to assume Staff will get back to you when it’s your turn in the queue of support tickets they are currently processing.


    Yeah just today I bought my Godaddy domain and mapped it to my new website and its not working. I bought your service and I’d like answer … Please



    (1) Did you follow the support documentation instructions found here?
    (2) If not then please provide all the details of what you did, what you saw and what you expected.
    (3) Did you use the forum searchbox before posting to this thread? If you had done so then you would be aware that it normally takes between 48 – 72 hours for the change to populate throughout the internet.

    Yeah just today I bought my Godaddy domain …
    (4) Has 72 hours expired? If not, then you might consider waiting until that takes place.
    (5) Did you read what I said above about Volunteers not being able to help other than to point those who post to support documentation and the contact Staff link?

    FWIW Your site redirect is working fine for me.

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