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    I’m trying to move my blog from to, I added the new domain (with the domain mapping) but now the blog is not working anymore, and I don’t know which is the problem.

    May you help me?

    Thx, Giulio

    The blog I need help with is



    It can take a day or two for the DNS to settle down and work correctly. Be patient: when did you do the domain mapping?



    You can follow the progress here:

    Did you also change the name-servers to point to WordPress.COM?


    @raincoaster: I did the domain mapping few hours ago. Reading this I also did the point 5 writing again the old nameserves after clicking “uprage primary domain” botton.

    Is it correct?

    @auxclass: I checked also my actual dns in the link that you wrote, I now have the DNS of the domain registar! During the mapping i’ve changed the nameservers to point ( and the other two)



    Just to be super-clear, your original URL was NOT

    It was

    These sorts of things matter when you’re making changes. Can you confirm you are using the correct URL?

    A few hours is nothing. It can take more than two days.



    If you want to map a domain you have registered to your WordPress.COM blog you should have better luck using this guide and not the one you reference:

    You should change the name-server information at your Domain Registrar not at WordPress.COM.


    @raincoaster: my first url was the secondone! I’ll wait for two days then…the point is that the dns change was quite easy but when I clicked on the “upgrade primary domain” botton everything stopped to work and I thought that there was a problem.

    @auxclass: I floowed tha guide first but they don’t say that the blog should go offline for two days, so I again thought there was a problem and I searched for the otherone!

    Know I changed back my dns at my domain registar in the…I’ll wait and see…

    …thanks for the help



    Your site should not go offline during the change over (or never has for me) – what will happen is you might go to an “under construction” or “this domain is parked stay tuned” – I was always able to go somewhere.

    When you did the mapping did you put “www” in anyplace? You should have use just plain “”

    I do see the name-servers are changing so progress is being made.


    @auxclass: I don’t have any “under costruction” page, I maybe put a www, but wp took it off automatically and know the main domani is!!

    I’ll wait until I have again all the wp ns here in Italy also, before trying to do something else!


    One more thing: which is the use of the redirect function? I didn’t purchase it yet, and I don’t know if I need it or not!



    The Site Redirect upgrade is sort of like the opposite of domain mapping.

    You would use it if you wanted to redirect to a site hosted elsewhere.


    Right, but still the blog is not working…

    …is offline from 12 hours and I never red that this should happened!

    Somebody knows why?



    The blog is not offline. I am using Firefox 3.6.13 and I can clearly see it. It’s aslo directing to and here is report >


    Strange, I can’t see it with chrome…I try with firefox…where are U in the world? May be a country problem then…



    It works for me with Chrome, and I’m near TT. It will take a little more time and then you will see it. Try clearing your browser cache.


    I cant see it also with firefox 3.6.13…I’ll think tomorrow about it :P


    I’m in Italy, thanks for help, I’ll check tomorrow



    I can plainly see it using IE8 as well.

    Please, please do this…


      Is not a cache problem…I cleared them and still I can’t see it…may be a problem with Italy or not?

      May I check something else or just wait?



      It could also be stuck in your computer’s local resolver cache.

      Try clearing it following this guide:

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