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Domain Mapping Problem

  1. I paid the $10 and mapped to It seems to have linked my wordpress blog to my domain okay but it shows up as, is there anyway to include the "www"?

    Also, ever since the domain mapping went through, I cant seem to access my FTP site for I used to just go onto Dreamhost and click on web ftp and sign in and I can no longer do that. Nor can I access the e-mail accounts I had set up for Is this because I changed the DNS entries? Do anyone know what's going on?

  2. Also, I no longer have access to my account. I simply wanted the domain mapping feature to redirect traffic from my ( to my new web address(, not replace the content on the site. Is it not possible to map domains and keep separate content?

  3. I just realized that my problem isn't a problem after all, I guess the domain mapping function doesn't work the way I had thought so. I am better off just putting a link in my blog to my new domain. Unless any one has any other ideas? Do you think there's anyway I could get a refund for the $10 domain mapping since I won't be using it?

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