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domain mapping question

  1. I know this has been covered exhaustively here and in the faq but I'm new to this and just want to confirm one thing:

    I understand that I can't map a www subdomain, and that if I change my nameservers at my current ISP my e-mail will be disabled.

    Here's what I'm hoping to confirm: After I map "" to wordpress nameservers, will people be able to type in "" and get to my "" wordpress blog?

    Sorry to hit this well-covered topic. Hoping someone will indulge me.

    Thanks very much for any help. . . .

  2. Once you are here, all requests will be served and redirected to just seemlessly. As well, with the Google Apps Mail Service you can get your email for your domain here now as well! Check it out in the FAQ.


  3. Trent, thanks a bunch. I appreciate the info. I'm all set up. . . .


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