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    Hi, WP noobie here and running into a few problems. I tried to map my blog onto an existing domain using the instructions contained in the “domain mapping” section of my dashboard. Was able to purchase credit, switch the name server info (ns1.wordpress or whatever) and the change appears when I go to

    However, I still get the old page turning up at Do I need to fully delete the old contents of this website in order for the change to take place? I hope not, as we would like to keep this old info as an “archive” offline.

    Any advice?

    ps. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious here but I’m not very literate with the web-stuff and am completely new to the blogging world.



    just a further clarification. If I set up the domain mapping to produce the old site onto my wordpress address, THAT works fine. However, that’s the opposite of what I want to do!

    Thanks again for any help.



    you have to confirm it at the new bar where the domains are. or, you might delete the old domain so wordpress doesn’t get confused and you have your new domain working.

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