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    I have a question…

    I have a blog (

    I registered a domain (, bought hosting and used to move my blog over.

    I’ve decided I don’t want to pay for hosting. So I bought the domain mapping option here at I have my dns servers set to the NS1-2-3 wordpress ones and I was able to get the domain under my options.

    I deleted out all my files in my hosting file manager related to my blog. I then changed my primary blog url to, like it says to do in the FAQs. But then I just get an “Index of/” page from both and (same error page). If I put the primary blog url back to sgkw blog, I can access my wordpress blog just fine. But the Index page still shows up on the site.

    Did I set this up wrong??



    It sometimes take a little while for the entire internet to get the changed DNS from your registrar. It is coming up fine for me and redirecting to your main wordpress address. That would suggest that if you changed it to the new URL, it would work for me. DNS entry for me is the correct wordpress name servers as well. It might just take a little time.


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