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Domain mapping renewal refund

  1. I want to continue my domain registration services but cancel my domain mapping services as I'll now host the site elsewhere. So how do I disable the auto renew for my domain mapping service but it keep it on for domain registration. Also since it has been only a week for my domain mapping service renewal, how can I refund that mapping service alone but not the domain registration renewal?
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  2. You can disable auto-renew Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades > Disable auto-renew
    You can also request a refund

  3. Domain Mapping is part of the Domain Registration package and cannot be refunded separately.

  4. Does that also means that as long as i want to keep my domain service i will have to keep the domain mapping service? and if I want to discontinue my domain mapping i will also have to lose my domain name?

  5. Yes, that is correct. You do have the option to transfer the registration elsewhere if you desire:

  6. thanks. So i can take my domain name to another place and then will no longer need to autorenew my services at wp- both domain reg. and domain mapping. Ok sounds fair. but one place where the policy is bit unclear is that wp says it refunds all upgrades except registrations, guide d-transfers, domain renewals and yet domain mapping upgradation is nt refundable. I understand the logic that domain registrations and renewals is money wp pays elsewhr so cant be refunded. fair game. while guided transfer is delivered entirely at a go. But domain mapping is an ongoing yearly service, revocable should be certainly refundable if i,m ready to take the mangement of my domain elsewhere.

  7. Domain Registration is an add-on for Domain Mapping, which is why it's only $5 compared to other registrars.

    If you do transfer your domain elsewhere, you won't need to pay for any renewals here.

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