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Domain mapping sayd domain unavailable; Domain tool says its available

  1. When I try to map a domain I get an error message:

    Someone (maybe you?) already registered, if you own this domain you can map it to your site now.

    When I use the Domain Helper,, tool it says the domain is available.

    What can I do. I gather I need help from Support but there doesn't seem to be direct access to them.
    Blog url:

  2. I forgot to add, it's for my domain... I want to map

  3. Are you using these instructions?

  4. ~~auxclass
    g'day to you :)

  5. Instruction? LOL. I'm an idiot.

    Sorry for wasting your time, but it sure helped me a lot!

  6. You didn't waste our time and you weren't SHOUTING! so I was glad to help. lol :)

  7. Yes the support documents are a trove of knowledge

    You be welcome & good luck

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