Domain Mapping Sidebar Sub-pages?

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    I have a question about domain mapping for If I purchase a domain name, does Domain Mapping include all the Pages in my Sidebar?


    Et cetera…

    How can I get that?

    Is that what Subdomain Mapping is? Or is that something else altogether? I found the Help Section on “Subdomains” to be confusing. Does it cost a separate fee per Sub-page located in my Sidebar?

    The reason I ask is because I’ve seen domain mapped blogs that have domain names associated with Pages but… I’ve also seen blogs that have but then when you clicked on Sidebar Pages, the urls were,, etc.



    The domain mapping includes all posts and subpages; subdomain mapping is only if you want (for example) instead of

    Sounds like the blogs yo’uve seen are just forwarding the domain, not actually using the domain mapping.


    Ah, ok. That makes sense. Thank you!

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