Domain mapping & still original blog to be kept running

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    I am running a blog .
    Now I want to map this blog on my domain which I have already booked & is in a running website.
    My question is that once if I shift my blog on whether still the original blog i.e. can be still kept operative.
    I.e. can both the & the blog on run simultaneously.
    Pls advice.
    Thanks in advance friends.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member will still exist, it will just have two addresses. As for the one that is currently at that will cease to exist; the domain will now lead to the blog.


    Mr Raincoaster.

    thanks a lot sir..

    One more question sir.

    my website is a complete website in running condition.
    I simply want to give one link of my blog on my site i.e.

    Is it possible to run the site as it is with an operative link of my blog just guiding this link to my blog. & at the same time the blog is kept running.

    Sir, I want clarity on following points.

    1 – Want to open my blog from my website from one of my links with all other links operative as it is.

    2 – my blog operative on this address as well.

    Pls advice sir.

    Thanks again sir



    What you want is to buy the subdomain and map that to your blog. That leaves your current website in place and gives you one click to get to the WP.COM blog.


    Yes, map a subdomain of your existing website address to your blog here.


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