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    Hi all,

    Is there a scheduled maintenance or some sort of downtime with Word Press right now? I’ve just noticed my two domains are no longer re-directing to my blog address. I’m a lil concerned because I haven’t changed anything since yesterday, and all I did then was add a new Page.

    My blog is only a few days old and was working perfectly yesterday. The blog address is (pardon the language):

    My two domains that should be pointing to the blog address are: and If you go to either of these domains, you will see a full red screen with a cartoon image of Crazy Reg on the left, and a Facebook widget on the right. This was the temp page I used long, long ago, which is located in my hosting service account. Both my domain settings still have this sub-folder setting to point to this folder / page, HOWEVER the DNS details both are set to Word Press’ DNS addresses, which by all rights should (and have until today) overwritten this. I’ve re-confirmed my DNS settings for both domains, and they are still set to Word Press’ DNS addresses, see below:


    Anyone else had this happen recently? What could be causing it?

    In any case, I am glad (I guess) that the domains point to the old temp page instead of nothing at all, because if the domains are down for whatever reason, I would like any viewers to know they are still getting the right domain / address.


    The blog I need help with is



    No, I see your blog when I use those URLs. It may just be a temporary hiccup in your own end of the interwebs.


    Hi, thanks for the reply. :)

    I just noticed it’s fixed too. I posted nearly straight away, but the post didn’t take…

    Either way, I ghuess it was as you said a hiccup, or maybe a maintenance at PairNIC or WP’s end.

    Happy days again. :)

    * POIWCK! *



    Well, the post not taking could be a different issue. Some people are reporting that their work goes Poof, so I advise them to use an offline blog editor until staff have fixed the issue.

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