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domain mapping + subdomain (www)

  1. I just purchased the domain mapping service (registration + hosting) from wordpress, and my blog is being forwarded to I'm wondering if it's possible to make it forward to (with the www).

    I checked the domain management website and the FAQs on creating subdomains were either old or totally not applicable.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. It should work whether people put the W's in or not. My understanding (inexact at best) is that http://whatever outranks http://www.whatever so you're covered. Think of it as getting the w's for free.

  3. Fewer and fewer sites are using the 3w anyway. It looks more modern and is shorter just to say "I'm at" and leave it at that.

  4. Hmm, valid points. Maybe I'm old fashioned :p

    Thanks for the response, though.

  5. Also, it seems to me - though I may be wrong - that when you register a domain through that you cannot have the www in it.

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