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Domain mapping vs. Domain Forwarding and Masking

  1. I'm pretty sure you can't map to a subdomain from a blog. Check the FAQ's on this.

  2. Well, this is why I thought I could. Let me know if I've misread something though. From

    "Q: I own, and want to map a subdomain of that to my blog. Is that possible?
    A: Yes. You will need to add a DNS CNAME at your DNS provider before the domain mapping will work. You should not change your nameserver information if you just want to map a subdomain. The CNAME should look something like the following: IN CNAME [your-blog]

    Once that DNS entry has been added login to your Dashboard, click on Settings > Domains and enter into the box. If everything is setup correctly, it will allow you to map the subdomain to your blog. If things are not quite right the system will let you know and provide suggestions on what you need to do to remedy the problem.
    Note: You cannot map only the “www” subdomain since we remove the www from all the URLs at"

  3. rosclarke - that's not correct. You can map a subdomain with no problem (that's what I do, BTW). What you cannot map is a subdirectory, eg,

    tcurt - Don't use the masking and forwarding bit - it doesn't work very well. Search the forums on it - folks have had a hard time with it. Use domain mapping ($10/yr) and use the subdomain. I recommend that setup for a lot of reasons, chief among them is the ability to control the domain outside of

  4. Oops. Thanks for setting me straight, Vivian. I knew there was something you couldn't do.

  5. i have a blog here with domain mapping ( and i want to add a second blog to my blog ( without losing the straight url to blog connection and none of the answers actually tell me if i can do that successfully.

    right now i own my domain and my dns is pointed at wordpress' name servers but i can't figure out from the faq/forums if i can have wordpress handle the cname part...

    anyone have any ideas?

    to be clear i want to have a link to 'toys' which will bounce to the subdomain which will be a second blog. pages are NOT adequate for what i want as i need to post full posts to either place...

  6. It's very, very doubtful but you should contact staff for an authoritative answer. use your dashboard Support button.

  7. badinfluencegirl: When/if you get your reply from support about this issue, would you mind posting the response back here? I see alot of questions sent away to support and the thread dies, the solution never appearing again. Thanks in advance.

    raincoster: If the domain was hosted elsewhere, it seems like it should work, but only because the cname would be handled elsewhere too. I think.

  8. I just don't know enough to guess, and when in doubt, staff has the answer. It seems like what she wants is a blog with a blog on a subdomain of that blog. While it would be easily enough doable with an independent install of WordPress, I'm not sure it's doable with

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