Domain Mapping Vs Domain Pointing – help please!

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    I was reading the Support thing for adding a domain I already own to my blog and what I’m a little confused about is the fact that I’m being told to edit my name servers – I don’t want to ‘transfer’ my domain or wordpress (or if I can, this may well be easier), I don’t want to lose all my mail all I want to do is point my domain to my wordpress blog.

    Is this even possible with WordPress? This concept of domain mapping seems like an awkward split between transferring hosting and pointing and doesn’t seem like the most efficient way of managing things. If I can simply edit my DNS (A and CNAME records only) to ‘point’ to my blog then I will be supremely happy. If I have to ‘map’ my domain by editing my name servers and losing all my mail (as A, CNAME and MX records will then be useless), can I then re-set up my mail addresses through wordpress and/or transfer my domain to wordpress… Otherwise I have a domain hosted by godaddy with wordpresses name servers and no mail… awkward.

    All else fails I’m gonna have to register a new domain with wordpress and/or cancel my current one… if we can register with wordpress then we must be able to transfer to wordpress… but once again, pointing would be easier :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Not sure what pointing does to your email – but if you Domain Map your domain name yes your email will stop – BUT there is a fix you need to get some information from your mail server host then update your DNS records here and your email will continue to work (I use my old host for the email on my mapped domain)

    Your domain registration stays with your current registrar – you mention Godaddy – they have several domains that are mapped here with the email still hosted on Godaddy – Godaddy should be able to help you – there is a Godaddy staffer that shows up here and helps from time to time – so they do know how to make the email work with a mapped domain here



    churr, I have enquired of godaddy but unfortunately I have other problems. An old friend registered my domain on my behalf lol fail this will be interesting.

    fyi – pointing is typically a free service that involves changing your A record and CNAME record in your DNS settings so that your domain name will point to the IP address of wherever your new website is hosted. You leave the name servers and MX records alone and therefore your mail stays exactly where it is – not disturbed in the slightest.

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