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    I want to map the domain with my WordPress blog

    Using the NS1.WORDPRESS.COM name servers for the A-records on is not accepted. If I use the ; of addresses doesn’t work either.

    The support says I have to ask WordPress for the correct IP addresses, but as a user of their free services, you cannot contact their support.

    Is there anyone who has a solution for this? I know it works with other registrars, so I hope it works with as well.

    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    What kind of “doesn’t work” is that you get for those IP addresses? Are you putting in a DNS record named “www” or “@” in the “” zone?



    I have manually added a zone record for your domain.

    You should now be able to map it here following this guide:



    FYI, those are the addresses are for the domain registrar. If you are having your entire domain be the blog, you could bypass and use (and ns2 and ns3) as the “delegated DNS hosting” to make be the DNS host. But if you have other services on your domain, you probably want to keep your DNS hosting as is and use the instructions for mapping a SUBdomain:

    That means putting in a CNAME record that makes your domain name point to your blog site name that controls. CNAME is somewhat like an alias.



    @macmanx I THINK he is trying to put in records at his DNS hosting, instead of his domain registrar. Hence my suggestion to use the subdomain instructions. Does that seem right to you?


    I use for hosting the domain name.
    I think I have to follow the instructions they give at

    I would like to use real domain mapping and not aliasing or forwarding, because I don’t want people finding the wordpress-blog when they search for key words on the site.



    Yes, I think motre is adding a bit of confusion here.

    Non-US domains (domains that are not .com, .net, or .org) require us to add a zone record prior to mapping, or you won’t be able to change your nameservers through your domain registrar.

    I just did that above, so you should be able to change your nameservers now.

    We do not support mapping or forwarding via an A record.


    Macmanx – thanks for helping me doesn’t allow to add the name servers to their records. So I added But this gives me the following error page:

    Did I do anything wrong, or is just not supporting this?



    Your nameservers are still pointed to

    Make sure that you’re entering these as nameservers. If so, contact for further assistance.



    @macmanx: This is why I suggested the steps for a subdomain, even though this is a domain. Since the subdomain method uses an existing DNS hosting, like he has at right now, that should function the same way. He would have to add the record (at with the name as “@” to make it do the domain itself.

    @brunokonickx: What macmanx is suggesting, and what most bloggers do for a domain name, is make the setting at the domain registrar. That way becomes your DNS hoster, too, as well as your BLOG hoster. I recommend this way unless you have some other reason to host where you do, such as other host names (subdomains) in your domain.



    www may work with our sub-domain mapping, but @ won’t.

    If you want both www and non-www of the domain to map your blog here, you’ll need to change nameservers and purchase a domain mapping subscription.


    I want people who fill in to go to Does this work with mapping a subdomain as well?

    I think is the domain registrar and the DNS hoster. It would be fine for my if I could use WordPress for both services, but I think WordPress doesn’t offer .be domains.

    I’ll contact’s support again. Thanks for your support!



    I want people who fill in to go to Does this work with mapping a subdomain as well?

    The would work for subdomain mapping, but then would go nowhere.

    If you want it to work for both, you need domain mapping, and you need to change your nameservers. Once you change your nameserver, we would become your DNS provider, but we do offer a full DNS panel if you wanted to create new subdomains, direct your email services elsewhere, etc.


    ok, but do you offer .be domains? And if yes, how do I change from to you?



    No, we do not offer .be domain registrations. You would need to leave it with your current registrar and map it here following this guide:



    Maybe would provide a “http redirect” service so that whoever visits “” would be redirected to visit “”.

    I set up my blog to use “” using the subdomain method. It took just a few minutes to set up and it works fine. But then, I do my own “self hosting” DNS.

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