Domain mapping with existing email account

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    How do I find the A Record and CName record for I would like to map my blog to a site I own, The site and my business email are currently hosted at Yahoo Small Business. I need to be able to enter a new A Record and CNAME Record on the Yahoo Small business site so the domain is mapped to wordpress but my email remains with yahoo. Once i get this all set I will be downgrading my webhosting account at Yahoo to a custom mailbox account. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    To map an existing domain, here’s the guide



    Yes, I’ve seen that page which was helpful but it doesn’t seem to answer my question – what are the A Record and CName record for I need to be able to add those into the DNS records over at Yahoo. Where do I go to find the A Record and CName record for


    I have exactly the same issue. I spoke to Yahoo to try to get the MX records. They said that they don’t have public MX records and that I need to get WordPress.Com’s A or CName record and change it on Yahoo’s end. Can anyone advise?

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