Domain Mapping with WWW.

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    Just purchased the domain mapping thing for the 10 credits and set it up. I set up the DNS thing with my domain account. It’s all working correctly BUT one thing.

    It redirects my site to instead of

    So I figured I may have just forget to include the WWW. when I purchased it, no problem ill just purchase it again… Wait, its already in use? I guess it doesn’t take into account the WWW. (and I don’t fancy paying more money).

    I read the FAQ, didn’t see any info.

    So, how can I get my site be directed to instead of The www is some what important for me to have.



    using the forum search box I found this:



    Why is that? I’d like to understand why that’s desireable; if the users type in your they’ll still get your blog, won’t they?

    I understand that a lot of internet users around the world can’t access www sites for some reason. I find that Technorati, Alexa etc can find me without the www.



    There’s a movement on the net to get rid of the ‘www’ bit. Staff points at the example that you don’t send mail to someone@mail.mydomain.tld. Why should someone have to type in the ‘www’? Since you’re in a webbrowser, it’s going to be webtraffic.

    Of course I look at most DNS setups and I see mail being redirected to mail.mydomain.tld…

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