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Domain Mapping 'www' prefix problems

  1. Hi, I just transferred a domain I already owned to my blog, and everything seemed fine except that when I type it directs me to a 403 Forbidden page, but when I type the address with the www prefix like this , the page loads fine but none of the links work since they all point to their respective URLs but without the www prefix.

    I hope this is just erratic behavior while the DNS propagates, but I've browsed the forums and didn't find much about this. Thanks in advance.

  2. ... just in case, my original blog URL was , it redirects to which doesnt work.

  3. It does work like that for awhile; someone said up to 72 hours after the change. If it hasn't settled down by Monday, definitely contact staff.

    FYI works just fine for me right now, and does as well, just redirecting me to the first.

  4. Does it really work for you just fine? If so, it must be something to do with my own PC. I'll try to flush my DNS and wait a while.

    Thanks for the information!

  5. Okay, don't forget to clear your browser cache and cookies and do a forced reload. You could just be stuck looking at an old page.

  6. Well, I cleared my cache and cookies and even rebooted my PC, but it still doesn't work for me. At least it works for others, but it's pretty annoying nonetheless.

  7. Maybe it's just a factor of how you're getting there? I'm in Vancouver, so I could be a lot closer to the servers handling it. Like I said, if it's still mucked up on Monday don't hesitate to contact staff when they open.

  8. It will just be a dns cache problem for you. All domains on get the "www" stripped out and it redirects to the domain for me without the "www" just fine. If you are on vista, check out:

    If you are on a mac (leopard) you can clear your dns cache in terminal with:

    dscacheutil -flushcache


  9. I know at one time that WordPress would not map to a and instead would only map to a WWW is actually a subdomain, and it used to be that WordPress would not map to subdomains.

  10. I don't think they will let you use "www" on your blog as part of your ACTUAL domain; I've seen some people complaining about it. So, you couldn't buy, but if you bought the first would still work.

  11. Actually when you buy, you also get the www (or visa versa) On my blog I have the redirected to

    WWW is sort of becoming passe now-a-days.

  12. thesacredpath and raincoaster - so how would if fix the problem of directing to the wordpress blog, and directing to a page not found?

  13. You just have to wait for DNS to propagate or you need to flush your dns cache. The www link redirects fine for me (FF2 on Fedora 7)

  14. Does it need any credit to mapping domain? Why can't I buy any credit by clicking the pre-pay link which redirecting to pay-pal???

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