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    Let me address this first: I’ve searched for an answer but haven’t quite found the answer to my question, but my ignorance in this side of tech may be causing me to not see the answer… so I am sorry if the answer is obvious or is answered a million times already.

    I have owned for nearly 10 years, but through a friends account, so technically they have owned it, but I paid them for it. I have had my domain hosted through since the day I had it registered.

    Now I am wanting to migrate my site etc. to here at WP but my ignorance of the jargon/processes has me scratching my head about if i have done things correctly, and if I understand what is going on.

    I added the domain here on WP and paid the mapping fee, as well as changed the DNS on the current/old hosting site, but is the domain hosted here? If so am I able to cancel the hosting at without fear of losing the domain or is there another process I need to go through for that? My friend had mentioned an authorization code of sorts may be needed to transfer the domain, but nothing here asked for it.

    Ultimately what I hope to happen, in the future, is that my main site will be a portfolio for my artwork. The front page will be just of my artwork, and then the blog portion will be secondary. So, will be art, will be what is currently

    I just want to be sure that I have hosting and rights to my domain without it getting lost or taken due to some silly mistake made out of ignorance.

    I hope that was written clearly enough, I am not even sure what questions to ask to get the answers I need.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    The blog I need help with is



    Maybe this follow-up question will get me what I need to be feel comfortable in my understanding.

    By purchasing the mapping upgrade on WordPress, is my domain registered and hosted by word press, one or the other, neither?

    I need to know that I am all set here, before I tell my friend to drop the domain from her account, I don’t want to lose the address, and then have to re-brand.



    You need to keep the registration not at WordPress.COM, they are not set up for incoming domain name transfers. You can transfer the domain name to another registrar so it is in your name –

    You can map an existing domain name to a blog here using the instructions below

    DON’T have your friend drop or not renew the domain name – you might not get it back – transfer it to another Registrar

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