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domain mapping/masking issues

  1. theactionsection


    I have Ideally, I want it to be

    I've read everything here on domain mapping and such, and I shelled out the $10 for domain mapping to Problem is, when you type in in your browser, the address immediately becomes Which is nice, but I want it to stay in the web browser address bar.

    I've even tried using the masking function on (where I registered the domain name) to no avail. I've changed the godaddy nameservers to wordpress' as well.

    Can anybody tell me what I have to do to be able to type in in my browser, look in my web browser and see my blog, but also look in the address bar and not see

    This has got me all sorts of confused. I know there's a bunch of threads and FAQ's on this one but none have been able to answer the question directly. Please help!


  2. If you purchased the domain, all you need to do is go to your Admin => Upgrades => Domains and then click the button that has: Redirecting to (Put Blog Here)

    Put blog here will have everything redirecting to that domain!


  3. theactionsection

    Thanks. That worked to a certain extent -- the address bar says "," but the "www." is gone and there's that annoying wordpress "W" logo in the address bar.

    Any word on how to get rid of the "W" logo? and how I can get the "www." back?

    Thanks again,

  4. The way the server is setup, there will never be a 'www' in the address here at It still will resolve any address with the www in it, but there is no way to make it always there. I can resolve my address of or, but it always comes back to just and that is the way it works here!

    In terms of the "W" favicon, there is some talk of allowing users to upload their own favicon's, but all blogs on with or without their own domain are forced to have that icon as it is template driven (we don't have access to) and not available for user changes. Maybe send in a feedback to Staff on either of these 2 issues to give your support to changes.


  5. theactionsection

    Thanks for the follow-up.

    I can't help but think I was misled by I paid 10 bucks for domain mapping -- nowhere did it say that I'd have a big wordpress icon next to the domain. Now I want my 10 bucks back.

    I've tried "masking my domain" at to get to remain in the address bar, but it doesn't work through unless you are directed to their own parked nameservers (instead of the ns1.wordpress etc.).

    So, it's a big catch-22 that results in taking $10 from me and giving me something far different from what they promised.

    Thanks again for the response, though.

  6. Best bet would be to send in a feedback to staff on Monday explaining the issue. We're just volenteers here in teh forums with no access to anything on the backend. Gotta admit though that if the favicon issue was an issue to you, I would have suggested asking first.

    Note by the way that you may want to review what you understand about the 'www' bit as I note how you use it in the URLs up there is actually incorrect. The 'theactionsection' bit takes the place of the 'www' bit and they shouldn't be together like that. 30% of the net including me today and most search engines spiders can't follow such a link due to their local versions of DNS not supporting how that is written.

    You can move the domain off of's nameservers. There's instructions on how to access your domain record on the the Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains page. Do note though all that's going to do is either put your site in a frame or drop any visitor back to the URL. (ie The masking that you noted.)

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