Domain Mapping VS Redirection

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    Hi guys,

    I know there are several posts already that deal with domain mapping but I’m struggling to find one that answers my question – hopefully you can help:)

    Basically I took up the domain mapping upgrade feature two days ago. My domain name is and if you type that in you will see that it redirects to my wordpress blog, Problem is I don’t want this to be a re-direction, I want the visible URL to remain My interpretation of the explanation in the “domain mapping” faq is that this is possible. Is it simply a matter of waiting a few days for this to happen or is it possible I’ve made a mistake when changing the details with my DNS manager?



    Although I know there are threads in the forum search box indicating 72 hours may not be out of line as far as the wait goes, I have no expertise in this area and no information to share aside from what can be gained from the FAQs and the forum search box . If you cannot find an answer there then IMO, this is a question for staff to answer.



    You need to go into the “domains” section of your “Upgrades” page and click on “put blog here” against the domain you want it to appear to be at.
    I hope that was clear – otherwise, let us know.



    Very clear ozrisk, you’re a champion – thank you!
    Despite this small oversight I’d say the process generally for getting the domain mapping happening is fairly straightforward.
    wordpress + domain mapping has been the ideal solution to meet our organisation’s online publising needs.




    Have you also noticed you can now get email to your domain through google apps? Answering this one made me go to the domain page for the first time for a while. Means I can now use an email address at Cool.



    yep, set up a google app account yesterday but have yet to follow through with setting up completely. hoping to get a friend to help me over the weekend. another feather in wordpress’ cap.



    So I have to pay for the domain (e.g. AND for wordpress making out of a ? Double pricing? Or is there any way to make that happen without an upgrade of my wordpress blog?



    @ jackbauermunich

    So I have to pay for the domain (e.g. AND for wordpress making out of a ? Double pricing?

    No, this is not “double pricing”. If you already have a domain then you only have to pay $10 for domain mapping.

    I had a blog. I then had two choices:
    (1) purchasing a domain on my own and then purchasing the domain mapping upgrade from for $10 per year
    (2) purchasing my domain name for $5 through and the domain mapping from for a combined total of $15 per year

    Or is there any way to make that happen without an upgrade of my wordpress blog?

    There is no other way to get a domain and domain mapping to it free of charge from or from any other blog host.

    From the FAQs
    From the forum searchbox

    HTH :)


    So it is double pricing – I’ve to pay for my domain and the domain mapping – and get a PayPal Account aswell… I already read the links you posted, but anyway thanks for your help.



    No it is not double pricing. Everyone who pays for a domain must pay a purchase price for one year to the registrar and then must also pay to renew it every year. A domain is useless to you unless you either have your own server and provide your own domain mapping to it or, you hire a web host with servers that will provide domain mapping service to the domain for you. Obviously any web host will require that you pay an annual fee for their domain mapping service.


    But for example at Blogger you can do that for free.



    I think you are confused.
    You can have free of charge.
    If you want to remove the “” from your url then the only way you can do that is by purchasing your own domain and paying for domain mapping to it. If you are content to have with the “” in the url that’s free of charge.

    I don’t know or care what they do at Blogger because I escaped from that pit full of spammers and sploggers where you could die waiting for support questions to be answered. This is not to mention the frequent times that I could not access my blog because they were always “down”.

    Best wishes to you whatever you choose. :)


    I’m not confused. I just don’t understand why I have to pay 10 dollars for that. I neither got a credit card nor a PayPal account.

    By the way: I escaped from Blogger, too. ;)



    I escaped from Blogger, too.

    Really, then how can it be that I found your blog there?
    15 youtubes on the front page sure make for slow loading time.

    I just don’t understand why I have to pay 10 dollars for that.

    As far as not understanding why you have to pay for domain mapping here goes, We volunteers cannot deal with policy matters. All policy matters must be dealt with by staff. Tomorrow when support is open you can send in a feedback and ask staff this question.


    Ehm, I left Blogger with my gaming site crew. ;) My personal blog is still at Blogger. The question is just how long it will still be…^^

    Okay, maybe I’ll ask them although there is no sence. They won’t change their minds because of me. But I think it’s a little bit strange that other Blog providers make that for free.



    Blogger is owned by Google. The Google corporation is huge and rich perhaps this is a factor. ;)


    Thought that already, too…



    I think wants to encourage people to register their domains through them, and at fifteen dollars for both the name and the switch in blog URL it’s not a bad deal. Being in control of a lot of domain names is politically important (just ask the Verizon lobbyists). If you buy your name elsewhere yeah, you have to pay twice: once to the registrar and once to WordPress.

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