Domain Masking & Original Domain Name

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    I have two integrated questions.

    1. If I plan to mask a domain, does the name of the original blog matter? For instance, if I want to blog at (for example), but is already spoken for, could I register a random URL and mask it as planned (eg I understand that when your payment expires, your masking resorts to the original blog URL.

    2. I own a domain and want to convert my blog to the new URL with masking and domain forwarding. Do I need to completely erase the content on the website I own so that my blog can seamlessly convert there? What needs to be done at the non-Wordpress website to facilitate this process?

    Thanks in advance.




    Maya, let me see if I can help out here ;)

    1) If you plan on using the domain mapping then the original domain doesn’t really matter except that you (if no one else) have to see the URL every time you are in the admin and it shows in the dropdown menu for your blogs in the admin bar with that name :) Otherwise, it doesn’t matter no.

    2) It depends on the blog that you are using out there now in terms of a “game plan” to get the content of that blog into wordpress. Are you moving the domain name to as well then or just getting a address?





    Great response time.

    In response to number two, I can get specific and maybe that will help.
    – My blog is
    – I also own (as you can see, it’s quite a mess

    I would like to change my blog over to the .org address, at least in terms of the URL to make it more professional. I don’t have a problem erasing what little content there is on the .org site, I’m just not sure how “clean” it has to be for there to be an easy transition about it.



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