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Domain Name

  1. I just registered a domain name at godaddy.
    I can forward my domain to my blog address.
    However, what I want is transfer a subdomain to my blog.

    ex. my domain name is my subdomian which i want to forward to my wpblog is

    How can I do this?

    I hope you understand my sentence.(I'm not good at English)

    10000 thanks.

  2. Use a CNAME for the and point that to your address.

  3. hi i did exactly what you said here.but it doesnot work.
    i tired many ways:

    ALiases: blog
    Points To:


    Points To:

    Points To:

    Points To:

    none of above works...:(

  4. Try getting another domain other than GoDaddy. I hear nothing but horror stories about them and they also kidnapped my friend's sites and wouldn't give it back.

  5. I already purchased it for a year.
    I am a newbie.Let's me figure it out before I purchase another domain.

  6. " Once that DNS entry has been added login to your Dashboard, click on Options > Domains and enter into the box. If everything is setup correctly, it will allow you to map the subdomain to your blog. If things are not quite right the system will let you know and provide suggestions on what you need to do to remedy the problem."

    I add into the box. and i asked to ungrade it..(10 credits)

  7. now my works

    however, it links directly not to my blog at wordpress, but the wordpress home page..

    what's wrong ?

  8. smartbus - a few questions (since I just did this myself in the last few days):
    1. Did you pay GoDaddy for hosting as well as for the domain? If not, I don't think you have a way to add a subdomain
    2. Did you add the subdomain at GoDaddy?
    3. Did you use the CNAME drmike mentioned above when you edited the DNS records?

    If your subdomain is working (and I just checked and it isn't) but linking to the wrong site, it is because the CNAME record has the wrong info in it. It should point to WITHOUT the www

  9. There is still no CNAME record for that URL.

  10. jennileemarigomen

    hi there smartbus,
    i am having the exact same problem.

    this is the message that i got when i tried to check the record on DNS Stuff:

    DNSreport for
    mail iconEmail link to results
    Generated by at 06:22:59 GMT on 11 Jan 2008.

    [ERROR: The parent servers say that the domain is a CNAME for I can not do a DNS report on a hostname (such as or a domain name that does not have its own zone.]

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