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domain name

  1. i'm trying to set my personal domain name to point to my blog on
    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working.
    I've changed the DNS settings using all 3 of the nameservers provided.
    on the DNS console and above the three that i changed from my previous blogger to this one, there are a bunch of google names pointing to email services and stuff.
    I tried to provide all the relevant information that would assist anyone that tried to help me.
    thanks in advance. hopefully you already know the answer.

  2. Have you read the other domain related posts in the forum on the front page? When did you purchase the domain upgrade? Have you read the FAQ about the domain name upgrade?

  3. Also, we need a link to your blog here on and the domain name you're trying to use as well, both in full.

  4. [edited - vanillalounge]

  5. @yourbites, this forum is not an appropriate place for selling your domains. Nor should you leave your email address in a public forum.

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