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Domain name

  1. I want to use the name that most know me by on WordPress as my domain, but as I used it before and then deleted that blog, I can't seem to use it again. Is there anyway around this? Why does it say that it already exists when it has actually been deleted?

  2. There is no way around this. A blogname can never be re-used once it has been deleted. Before deleting your blog, you had to check a box that said I’m sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back or use again

  3. Thanks. I must have been having an 'off' day and not noticed that you couldn't use that domain name again. Blast! Trouble is everyone knows me on the Internet by that name. Hmm, what to do? Its no good using anything else so that's me scuppered then. Thanks for the reply

  4. Well, you can always see if your user name is available as a .com or .net or .whatever domain. It's not free, but that is now the only option left to link your user name and blog name.

  5. what about adding an extra word, such as blog to the end of it? I added 0711 to the end of mine. Bats is the way ppl know me online and ppl can still find me even with the 0711. Just a thought.

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