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  1. Hi every one,

    I have a question about a domainname. I used to have a website but I ended it. Ik want to keep the domain name and re-direct it to my weglog here. My question is : how can I make that domain name found by search engines from the weblog? Is it even possible? The domain name is being parked soon but I can not ad tags or anything to the parked domain name. So, can I do something with that from WordPress to make the domain name visible for searchengines etc?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. "redirect" is a bad term - confuses me

    This should work much better

  3. Sorry that it took a while for me to get back on this. I don't quite understand what it says. What would I have to do? Move the domain name to WordPress? It is by the way a .net domain. And if it has to be moved to WordPress, can you ad information so searchengines can find the domain name?

  4. The name stays with an outside Registrar - WordPress.COM is not able to accept incoming domain name transfers -

    As per the instructions in the link above - you change the name servers to point to here. You then buy domain mapping for your blog which attaches your domain name to your blog - all that changes is the address visitors see - you still make changes in the regular dashboard you have now with the same address it has now - .net ,org .com - most top level domain names are supported here

  5. I have been looking on the internet and found something easer for myself. I found the tk domain name that you can use for free or payed. Here you have the possiblity to ad a discription and keywords so searchengines can find the domain name. There is also the possiblity to create virtual e-mail adresses for forwarding e-mail. So it has enough possiblities for some one like me. I am not that into DNS stuff etc.

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