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    Hi there. I am trying to start a new blog/website. I want to name it but I keep being given the name
    How can I get rid of the ‘2017’ part? I have checked but the name ‘’ does not seem to be used by anyone else.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    It is a site name , If it does not used by anyone else will look like this .



    Hi there, WordPressdotcom sites never expire. Currently, an existing site can remain inactive regardless of when the last post was made.

    If there is an open comment form or contact form on that site, you can try leaving a comment there. If the site owner replies and agrees to transfer the site ownership to you, they can follow this guide to do so

    If they do not reply to your query, there is nothing further that can be done. WordPressdotcom will not turn over an existing site to another user.


    Hi bruceferrington, is currently owned by other account so you won’t be able use this name for your site. As justjennifer mentioned, you can contact the current owner but the decision to transfer ownership is theirs. We don’t make changes to site without the owners permission even if they don’t appear to have used the site in a while :)

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