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Domain Name

  1. I accidentally created my prefered domain name ( using an email address which is mine but not the one i had in mind for creating wordpress account ([email redacted]).
    Now that I had use the correct email address([email redacted])to create an account with wordpress, I'm unable to use my prefered ( domain name as wordpress said it has already been taken up even though i already deleted the blog.

    Can any one help?

  2. If you deleted teh blog, you are screwed. As the three warnings said, there is no turning back. That URL can never be used again; not by you, not by anyone. Never, ever delete anything you might want back.

  3. Alright.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Guess I should have read things more clearly before deleting

  4. Can WordPress staffs delete it permanently by the permission of the main creator???I mean by suddenlygroup's permission?

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