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    I have buy a new domain name in another website :
    But they send me this rapport :

    And my new domain name isn’t actived.
    Wordpress have to revised anything.

    Thanks to your request.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please contact Support directly. Only they can make the needed changes for your domain.


    I have already contect them.. It is possible to have an email adress ? They haven’t contact me enought…



    It can take up to 24 hours for the staff to get back to you depending on how many of the 18,000,000 blog sites have requested help. Also check your spam filter.


    ok thanks


    It’s possible to my new domaine name would be redirected to ONE page on my blog ? How I have to do this ? I have to change the DNS ?


    Yes, you will have to change the DNS and point it at the wordpress nameservers.

    I will tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will respond here and set up the zone record for you.


    ok .. it’s difficult to make this operation… no ?


    Not usually it is not, but each domain registrar is a little different. They should be able to help you change the nameservers though if you cannot figure out how to do it.

    After the nameservers are changed, it will take about 12 to 24 hours for the nameserver changes to take effect and then you can start the domain mapping which is pretty easy really.


    Ok, now my domain name is redirected to my blog.

    But I would like change the DNS to my domain name will be redirectes on one page of my blog : How I do that ?

    Thanks to your help…


    You cannot redirect it to just one page of your blog. All pages on your blog will have the new domain name.


    Ok… I am so sad.. I will expect it was possible…
    Thank you very much…


    Why would you want it to go to only one page? If you want it to go to only one page, then just have that one page on the blog with nothing else. No posts, just that one page. I’m not understanding why you would want this. If you can explain why, then perhaps I might have another suggestion or something.

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