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Domain name

  1. Hi all,

    If I buy myself a domain name by buying 15 credits, for what period of time is the domain name valid? When should I renew it again?

    Thanks and Cheers,

  2. 12 months.
    We will remind you before renewal.

  3. Is the user then supposed to renew with or with directly? I don't see the $15 option in for now. I have paid for the renewal for domain mapping, but unfortunately my domain has expired! Please help!

    Was I not supposed to pay for domain mapping for a 2nd time and just renew my domain?

  4. AFAIK if you bought your domain name from GoDaddy, you'll need to renew the domain there. Then you'll buy the mapping for that domain from WordPress; basically the same procedure as before. If you go to Dashboard > Options > Domains, do you see the option under expire that says renew? If you click that it should give you the option to renew domain mapping.

  5. It is best to renew the domain at this point with GoDaddy as they already have your information on renewing it and you paid the "upgrade domain mapping" already. It would keep it simple.


  6. I have bought the domain through WordPress. But now only, I came to know about seperate hosting - installing wordpress in my own hosting space. Is that possible now?


  7. Yes, you can get separate hosting but as I remember, you cannot transfer your domain you purchased from for 60 days.

    Do be aware that I'm going from memory on the 60 days as I cannot find the forum thread or FAQ where that is mentioned.

  8. Oh! That's cool!
    You mean to say that I can transfer my purchased domain to a self hosted domain after 60 days or whatsoever for no "extra money"?

  9. That is correct. All you will have to do is point your domain name you purchased at the new DNS servers at your new web-host. Once the time limit is up, it takes around 48 to 72 hours for the DNS change to take effect and then you can start blogging on your new host.

  10. Ok! That sounds great. But I have registered the domain in my own name in wordpress -
    If I want the same domain name, is it possible?

  11. You will keep that domain name, it is yours.

  12. WOW!
    Thanks a lot for the info!
    Let me get the things right.

    1) I can transfer my blog to a host at no extra charges.
    2) I need not bother about getting another domain name.
    3) This is possible after 60 days of registration.


  13. That is correct although you might want to check with support on the 60 days. I'm pretty sure that is correct though.

    You're very welcome.

  14. Thanks a bunch! :)

  15. You said: It costs $10/year for the domain name.
    It costs $10/year for domain mapping
    If you buy both at the same time the total cost is $15/year
    Please, whera I can upgrade my blog? I only can find in in Options > Domains fot mapping but not for the domain name. (Sorry for my horrible english)

  16. Sorry, the domain I wanted it's not free, that's the problem.

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