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    My own Domain name expired so I thought I could get it back with just a renewal fee of 13 dollars but that only paid for mapping. So I don’t know if it is registered and if not how do I do that now.

    The blog I need help with is


    I think you also would have to pay for the domain again, another $5.



    I have tried to go to register it only, but it says it is already mapped. I don’t have any problem with the $5;00 more, but I have no
    understanding how to go about it.



    It is not mapped. It goes nowhere. It’s probably in turnaround, which means you’ll need staff intervention to get it back, if nobody else has bought it. DO NOT let it lapse again; it can cost $80 to get it back. If a squatter gets it, it can cost hundreds or thousands.


    Member – seems to have reverted to the wild – get it quick before someone else gets it

    If you had it registered here before, there is sometimes old junk hanging around that sometimes takes staff to clear

    Look in

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades – if there is old registration or something clear it out

    I will flag this for the staff, but they have been taking ten days to help here in the forum – so if you can’t purchase it here, then try another registrar and domain map it – some friends use Name Cheap – yes a couple of bucks more but you can renew for more than one year



    I have cleared the old instance out of your account.

    So now, it looks like is available to be registered. Simply log into your site’s dashboard, click on Store–>Domains, enter in the “add a domain” box and click the “add domain” button. Then simply follow the instructions that appear to register your domain.

    Let me know if you have any trouble.

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