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    Hi everyone, I would just like to ask a simple question as it is unclear to me what happens when your Domain name expires. Does this mean that if I do not renew, when it says that your ………… will be removed from your site, that all my posts will be gone too? Will I still have access to my blog, and is the removal of my Domain name only the name, and not the contend of my blog?
    Though I was reading the lengthy information on this subject I totally got lost, so would appreciate some clarification.
    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Agnes,

    You will still have access to your site, and none of your content will be lost.

    But your site will no longer be accessible at, and all links you’ve shared online using that domain will no longer work. Instead your site will go back to using the free address,

    The domain will go through a process of around 80 days before it’s deleted, at which point anyone will be able to buy it, so if someone else buys it at that point you won’t be able to use it again in future.


    How are we able to see our old content? I can’t find it in the platform



    Many thanks Kokkieh. I have renewed my domain, after reading the INFORMATION. Very pleased.
    Kind regards




    Please don’t post into old threads created by other people on unrelated topics. You can open your own support request at

    However, you don’t own any sites hosted on For help with your Jetpack-connected site,, please ask at instead, as those forums provide support for the open source WordPress software you’re using for your site.

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