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domain name came out wrong

  1. I feel incredibly silly, but it seems i've purchased my domain and it's put the actual words "dot" in the domain, is there any way to change this? Theres also an extra .com Is there a way to get this changed as i did pay for it?
    Blog url:

  2. What were you trying to do?

    Were you trying to have a ""? Were you trying to map to a sub-domain of and existing name?

    Spelling errors can only be fixed by canceling the error and registering a new domain name - if you purchased a domain name you have 48 hours to cancel it - what was the domain name that is spelled wrong?

    A note on your name - that was free so don't delete it - set it to Private and use it as a practice blog for you to learn WordPress.COM software without messing up your live site

  3. You're actually almost there, you just need to set the desired domain as your primary via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

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