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    I already changed my wordpress domain name from to (I changed the o at the end of lego into a zero).

    I want to do the same thing with my main domain name and change the o at the end of lego into a zero.

    Could someone tell me how to do it ?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Heloise, no problem. You’ll need to buy an extra domain name here:

    Set the new domain as primary and you’ll be all set! If you’d like to let go of the old domain when it expires, too, let us know; we’ll set it so it won’t automatically renew.


    Perfect, thank you, it worked !

    Yes I would like to get rid of the old domain please :)



    Hi there,

    I have disabled the auto renewal for and it will expire early next year. If you want to completely cancel it right now you can do so by going to your Purchases page:



    I deleted the old domain, thank you so much for your help !

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