Domain name change?

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    Is there a way to change my domain name from to

    Or would I have to delete the blog and start all over again with the new domain name?

    Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is




    You have what looks like a one week old blog with not much content, just go to

    Dashboard >> My Blogs and register a new blog with the name you want.

    then export the content from the old blog to the new name blog, then set the old blog to Private. This way when you change your mind the old blog name will still be there and you can use the Private blog for learning and testing


    Thanks. I just found this to explain what I want to do. It seems like the most direct way and the blog is so new, I don’t care about losing anything and don’t really want to go through another set-up.

    Is that good thinking?



    Some people in the forum have seemed to have glitches in the change name thing or they will delete the old name then change their mind the next week and the old domain name is gone.

    The setup goes quicker the 2nd time since you have a template to work from


    Many thanks!

    I decided to go ahead and change it and it worked fine.

    Kindest regards!



    You be welcome & good luck with your new blog

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